Dance Artists In-Residency program is for choreographers NRDC selects each year to provide an opportunity for new and established artists to create work in a collaborative and informative environment. Choreographers are given support and performance assistance to produce work they are interested in exploring with the company and independently.

Current Artists In-Residence

Covenant Babatunde

Photo by Kacie Waters-Heflin

Covenant Babatunde is a graduate from the University of Mary Washington with a bachelor of arts in Creative Writing and a minor in Musical Theatre. She was recruited out of college as a dancer and resident choreographer with Next Reflex Dance Collective in 2015 and took up the role of Company Manager in 2017. Her choreography often focuses on the story and relationship that inevitably exist between two bodies on stage. She aims for her work to welcome and not isolate.

Since joining NRDC, she has created several works including “Residue,” “Full Story,” and “It Pours,” presented at various locations such as DC, Fredericksburg, and Lorton for “en Route” and other NRDC concerts. She received second place for the Virginia Dance Coalition’s 6th Emerging Choreographers Award with her piece, “/’pɔɪnt/ (n.) (v.)”, and recently debuted “Spoken Word” at the Collective’s Open Marley Night. She believes a good artist is well-rounded and often finds opportunities for her writing to inform her choreography, and vice versa. She choreographs to be part of the ongoing discourse that generations of artists and writers have created. “Artist are always editing, revising and redefining our societies and our understandings of wrong or right.”


David Deegan

Photo by Kacie Waters-Heflin

David Alexander Deegan was born in Washington, DC and grew up in King George, VA. In May of 2015 he received a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in Dance and Choreography. During his time as an undergraduate student, he performed Democracy by Doug Varone in NYC alongside classmates from VCU Dance. He acquired scholarships from the American Dance Festival in NC. While attending the summer intensive David had the pleasure of performing Cark Flink’s work A Kindness to Ravens and Gregory Maqoma’s Dry Well. David was also given the opportunity to audition for Pliobolus and was considered in the top three for the Apprenticeship program. In 2016 he joined Clancy Works in MD and had the opportunity to perform at Dance Place with the Kitchen Sink Festival in Washington DC and also performed in Brooklyn NR with Left Side Labs’ Shared Ecologies. David most recently began working with Next Reflex Dance Collective performing in Under the Lemon Tree and with Agora Dance Company participating in the 3 Minutes Max performance at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. David is excited to continue performing in his first season with KARAR DANCE COMPANY.

Besides dancing David can play different musical instruments and has training in MMA and Weapons Art as well as being certified in Thai Yoga Body Work.


Roxann Morgan Rowley

Ms. Morgan Rowley has been the artistic director for NRDC since its’ inception in 2006.  She has been the driving voice of the organization contributing as a director, producer, dancer, artist and choreographer.  Her artistic voice is represented in many of the companies repertory and she continues to explore her work with the current members of the dance company . Her work focuses strongly on collaboration between artists and she works to find a new collaborator with each piece she creates.  She works to paint a vivid and engrossing picture through movement of what ever subject she is currently exploring using abstracted storytelling. Her art is heavily focused in using movement, film, technology and performance art techniques in a performance setting.

Rowley is a mother of two small boys and her most recent work has really explored her life as an artist, mother and partner.  In 2016 she started a blog that records her work in this arena called Stroller Dances.



Kacie Waters-Heflin

Photo by Kacie Waters-Heflin