Next Reflex Dance Company perform choreography created by the artistic director and collaborating artists each season.





Covenant Babatunde
Covenant Babatunde is a recent graduate from the University of Mary Washington (UMW). She received a Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in Creative writing and graduated Cum Laude. She has choreographed for the University of Mary Washington Dance Company, and has been fortunate enough to take pieces to ACDA conferences Besides dancing and writing she has dabbled in acting, and directing. When asked what she wants to be when she grows up, she often says she wants to be a creator. Her passion for creating a story, whether it is through movement, paper or person, is unbridled. She hopes that as she grows she continues not merely to impress but effect.









Kristin dancingKristin Hatleberg
Kristin Hatleberg’s interest in thinking through motion has often led her to work in cross-genre collaborations. She actively dances, choreographs, directs, and teaches around the East Coast and maintains a Pilates practice in Washington DC. She has created five long and thirteen short stage works, four dance-film collaborations, and one read-aloud dance (in postcard length installments) that have been shown throughout the United States, in Canada, and in the Netherlands. She holds a BFA in dance from Rutgers University and studied dance improvisation under Katie Duck as well as at Toronto Dance Theater. Kristin holds a Pilates certification from The Kane School of Core Integration, is a member of the International Somatic Movement Education & Therapy Association, and is currently a practitioner in training at the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute. To learn more about Kristin’s work, visit










Michelle Hayes

Michelle Hayes is from Massachusetts and graduated form Keene State College. She received her B.A. in Theatre and Dance with a concentration in Performance and Choreography.  She currently works as a Program Manager for Dance Metro DC, dance artist and dance teacher though out the DMV area. Since 2014 and living in DC, she has performed as quest artist with Jody Oberfelder, darlingdance, ClancyWorks, UpRooted and choreographed for Fieldwork and currently dances for Next Reflex Dance Collective.










Lizzie Baker Photography


Katherine LiPuma

Katherine LiPuma, known in the dance community as, “Puma,” is originally from West Windsor, New Jersey. After graduating from Shenandoah University with a B.A. in Dance she moved to Washington, D.C. to pursue her dance career. Since the move, Puma has performed for Jillian Peña, Ava Delasanta, Roxanne Morgan Rowley in Next Reflex Dance Collective and Abigail Wallace and Ayelet Haran in ACW Dances. In the fall, she will continue performing with NRDC and ACW Dances, along with Alight Dance Theatre.










Mason Prince

Mason Storm Prince is a spring chicken from Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. He looks to outstretch his wings and soar through the arts community: as Thomas Grey says, “[p]oetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn”, Mason adds, “but dance is how I move”. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Mary Washington (UMW) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, Creative Writing (Poetics). He now resides in Baltimore, Maryland as a writer and performer through twilight and on, and a Federal Analyst from dusk to dawn.  He has attended myriad, national dance conferences and has performed with the Fredericksburg Ballet Center, UMW Faculty Student Dance Company, and Next Reflex Dance Collective (NRDC) for the past five years. He continuously exposes himself to an expansive variety of professionals to enhance his understanding of all things to include art, science, nature, life, and their amalgamation: “I believe art and life are an inseparable part of human happiness, because it reveals a genuine nature that is neither good nor bad, which lets you feel; without it, we are numb.”




Maggie Headshot


Maggie Wilder

Maggie Wilder is a recent college graduate from the University of Mary Washington, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a double major in Theatre. She is currently working as a staff accountant at an accounting firm in Alexandria, Virginia, where she specializes in the field of auditing nonprofit organizations in the Northern Virginia and D.C. areas. Maggie has been performing since the age of three and is trained in acting and numerous dance styles. She enjoys the outlet that performance gives her to escape her daily desk job and connect with her creative side, and she is excited to join NRDC this season.